casaWare Serenity 7-Piece Tea Pot Set



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  • Classic Tea set Infuses Simplicity and Elegance in its Design
  • Set includes: 1 quart Ceramic Teapot with a Bamboo Handle. Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Infuser. Four 5 ounce Ceramic Tea Mugs and a 9x12-Inch Bamboo Serving Tray
  • The Serenity 7pc Tea set is a Great Piece that you can use to Host Fun Gatherings with Friends
  • The Teacups and Teapot fit nicely on the Bamboo Tray Serving Tray. The Teacups are Dishwasher Safe.
  • We recommend that you Hand Wash the Teapot and Bamboo Serving Tray.

This classic tea set infuses simplicity and elegance in its design. In Western culture, tea drinking is a social event. The Serenity 7pc Tea set is a great piece that you can use to host fun gatherings with friends.

The set includes a 1qt ceramic teapot with a bamboo handle. The teapot includes a stainless steel mesh tea infuser which provides excellent water flow and plenty of room for the tea leaves to expand and brew. The set also includes four 5oz ceramic tea mugs and a 9 x 12 Bamboo serving tray.

To use, put loose leaf tea or a tea bag into the tea infuser. Put the infuser into the teapot. Boil the hot water and then pour it into the teapot. (The teapot cannot be used on a stove). Once the tea is steeped, take out the infuser and then pour it into the 5 oz cups.

The teacups and teapot fit nicely on the bamboo tray serving tray. The teacups are dishwasher safe. We recommend that you hand wash the teapot and bamboo serving tray.

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