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Culver Hydration

Culver Adela Superior Vacuum InsulationCulver Hydration bottles feature Superior Vacuum Insulation. They incorporate three of the best forms of drinkware insulation: 1) Double Wall, 2) Vacuum Insulation, 3) Copper Lining.

The Double Wall eliminates condensation on the exterior wall while retaining the internal temperature longer through various levels of insulation, as shown in photo.

Vacuum Insulation removes all the air between the inner and outer walls. This vacuum practically eliminates convection through which heat or cold is transferred away from its source.

Copper Lining on the exterior of the inner wall helps to further ensure beverages keep their temperature for extended periods of time. Copper is a natural insulator, and its placement on the outside of the inner wall provides a maximum benefit. On average, beverages with Vacuum Copper Insulation stay hot for 8 hours and stay cold for 24 hours.