casaWare Cutlery 5-Inch Cheese/Santoku



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  • This versatile knife maximizes many utilities of 2 different knives: Cheese Knife and Santoku Knife. It is ideal for cutting semisoft to firm cheese or cutting fruits and vegetables.
  • Full-Tang Japanese Stainless Steel, forged construction provides superior durability.
  • Unique Blade Design makes knife SO FUNCTIONAL for chopping vegetables, slicing meat or cutting fruits.
  • Features Groovetech non-stick technology: The grooves create air channels that help push the food away from the blade and prevent the food from sticking. The patented grooves are an optimal design in reducing suction and friction during cutting.
  • Cleaning: For all fine cutlery, hand washing is recommended for best results. Carefully wash with soapy cloth and rinse thoroughly. Always dry immediately. Do not allow to soak. For safety, wash each knife separately.

The CasaWare 5 Cheese/Santoku knife is so well designed that it could become the most used knife in the home assortment. The 5 knife can be used to cut hard or medium cheese. The knife is also great for the fine slicing needed for the Santoku cut. It also can be used for the basic needs of traditional kitchen knives. The Full Tang Japanese Stainless Steel blades forged construction gives you superior quality and durability. The patented Groovetech technology creates a natural non-stick effect that pushes food away from the blade and prevents it from sticking. The ergonomic handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and can be used by both left and right handed people. The knife has a 15 degree angle on each side of the blade. The Rockwell/Hardness is RC53. The blade can be sharpened in most knife sharpeners that are sold in specialty/department stores.

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