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Cutlery-Pro Gourmet Chef Boning, Professional Quality, NSF, German Carbon Steel (X50CrMov15), 6-Inch


Type: Fillet Knives,boning Knives



  • Cutlery-Pro's Chef's Boning Knife for making precision cuts for deboning, filleting and preparing meat, poultry and fish with ease
  • Made from German carbon steel (X50CrMov15); ergonomic handle for added comfort with safety guard to protect fingers
  • NSF approved; handle is hermetically sealed to the blade for safe use without worry of cross contamination of food
  • Perfectly ground edge for superior performance; stays sharper longer; easily filet fish, skin poultry, debone meat for cutlets, and more
  • Blade is easily re-sharpened if it ever becomes dull from use; dishwasher safe; includes limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty

Cutlery-Pro's 6-inch Chef's Boning Knife is the perfect size and shape to make precise cuts for deboning, filleting, and preparing meat, poultry and fish with ease. Specially designed with a German carbon steel (X50CrMov15) blade with ergonomic handle for added comfort and safety guard to protect fingers, the fully sealed NSF-approved design ensures food safety during use. Both tough and durable, the impervious hermetic seal, blade to handle, eliminates any worry of cross contamination. Plus, the knife blade is ground and honed to a perfect edge to stay sharper longer and is easily re-sharpened if it ever becomes dull from use. Easily filet fish, remove skin from poultry, debone chicken, chops and steaks for making cutlets, and more. Since 1981, Cutlery-Pro has been manufacturing professional chef knives of the highest quality and producing the broadest line of cutlery for professional chefs worldwide. This tradition of excellence in material and workmanship is now available to the home chef. Made from German carbon steel (X50CrMov15) with an ergonomic handle. Comfortable to use and durable. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Fully sealed NSF-approved design eliminates cross contamination. Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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