Forest Hill Manufacturing General Purpose Poly Gardener Scoop Shovel (Black Poly, 48-Inch)



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  • Lightweight general-purpose shovel ideal for mulch, barns, compost, snow and general back yard use
  • This poly shovel is made from a specialty blend material that provides exceptional rigidity and break resistance. Reinforced back ribbing for durability
  • The shaft is crafted for superior durability & longevity using solid Ash harvested from reforested woods. Each shaft is uniquely burnished with our name
  • This shovel is made in the USA by Lancaster County Craftsman
  • Dimensions: 30-inch Handle, 14 3/8-inch Wide Scoop, 48-Inch overall length. Approximate Weight: 4 lbs

On our own farm at Forest Hills, we fed about 280 ton corn silage and 85 ton haylage using the poly shovel, which showed minimal wear. At Forest Hill we carry into the 21st Century traditions of gently farming the earth. This rich history is reflected in the line of Forest Hill tools. Our tools are crafted in the USA by Lancaster County Craftsman.

Collections: FOREST HILL

Type: Shovels

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