Pantry Multipurpose Microfiber Textured Cleaning Cloth 4-pack, 15 x 18-Inch, (1 Utility Cloth, 1 Stainless Steel Cloth, 1 Glass Cloth, 1 Wood Cloth)

KAF Home

KAF-MF 25000

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  • These Microfiber cloths are Lint-Free, Noonabrasive, Quick Dry, Eco-Friendly. Each Cloth is Designed for Unique Textures in mind to keep surfaces spotless without them scratching
  • Unique Texture of each Cloth Designed Specifically for Cleaning Stainless Steel, Wood Surfaces, Glassware and a Utility Cloth for most other surfaces
  • Each Microfiber Cleaning Cloth has corner hang hooked with named purpose and unique color (Glacier, Fog, Drizzle, Pewter)
  • Made from extra-absorbent microfiber, (85% Polyester / 15% Polyamide), size is 15 x 18-inches
  • Pack of 4 contains: One (1) cloth for Glass, One (1) cloth for Stainless Steel, One (1) cloth for Wood and One (1) cloth for Utility purposes. Scroll down to product description for more detail about each cloth type

Collections: KAF Home

Type: Glass Cleaners

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